Shipping and Transportation

Whether it’s a lease-Take-Over or just want to get out of your lease. Searail can help with all your vehicle shipping needs!

Stop a Lease and Searail-Livingston Freight have recently partnered to bring an added service to Stop a Lease clients by offering vehicle transportation across Canada. Whether your searching for a lease-take-over or trying to get-out-of your lease, you can now expand your market search to all of Canada.

There are many lease take-overs available outside of your local market area that have cash-incentives attached to the deal; these incentives can now be easily converted and redeemed as "transportation-incentives" or you can simply pay a nominal fee to have your vehicle shipped door to door.

Stop a Lease and Searail-Livingston Freight are pleased to offer all of our customers the benefit of seamless shipping and delivery of any vehicle, regardless of whether you are getting into or out of a vehicle lease.

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