Take of over someone else's lease

Now that you've found the right vehicle, here's what you have to do:

  • Contact the current lessee and come to an agreement on the terms of the transfer.
  • Print out the Stop A Lease lease transfer agreement and checklist.
  • Submit your completed lease transfer agreement to the leasing company for approval.

A few facts about lease transfers:

There is a cost to transferring a lease. If you take Nissan as an example, the transfer cost will be around $500.00 and each leasing company will have their own set of specific requirements.

Leases can be transferred from one province to another.

When the lease expires you can return the vehicle to the specific manufacturers dealership nearest you. You just need to contact the leasing company 30 days in advance. If you are considering leasing from an independent company, request their end-of-lease protocol before signing the vehicle’s lease agreement. You should obtain the independent leasing company’s protocol in writing and make sure you fully understand its conditions.