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  • You want to reduce your monthly payments?
  • You are on the way to exceeding the amount of kilometres allowed by your lease contract?
  • You would like to change the type of vehicle you’re driving?
  • You just got a new job with a company supplied car?
  • You are moving out of the country?

With thousands of visitors everyday, is there to help you transfer your lease to someone interested in your vehicle

Stopalease is the cheapest lease transfer website on the market

For a limited time pay $49.95 and your car will remain listed until it is transfered!

Stopalease is the most user-friendly website

Follow the simple steps and your listing will be available to Stopalease visitors in less than 5 minutes! The only thing that you need is your leasing contract to refer to and a credit card.

You want to make changes to your car description or remove it from the website because it has been transfered? No need to call us! You are in control. After you register a car, you automatically receive access codes that give you the oppotunity to make the changes you want.

Stopalease is confidential and secure

Your identity is protected on Stopalease. Only the car description and the city is available to potentiel buyers. The only way they can reach you is with the “Contact Seller” form. You’ll then be able to answer them by email or phone at your convenience.

The transaction process is highly secured with the latest technologies.

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